About Us

Geophysical Engineering Dept. ITS was established in 2012, based on SK Menteri Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Nomor 234/E/O/2012 under the patronage of Fakultas Teknik Sipil & Perencanaan (FTSP). The version of Geophysical Engineering Dept. ITS is to become an innovative major that has an international reputation in science, technology, and art. Currently, the headmaster of Geophysical Engineering Dept. ITS is Mr. Widya Utama, DEA who is also an advisor of three international student chapters, namely Society of Exploration Geophysicists ITS SC (SPE ITS SC), Society of Petroleum Engineers ITS SC (SPE ITS SC), and Association of Protoleum Geologist ITS SC (AAPG ITS SC)

Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Geofisika ITS, known as HMTG ITS is a student union which aims to accomodate and to facilitate all students of the departement of Geophysical Engineering ITS. The vision of HMTG is to become an organization that upholds integrity and professionalism

Society of Exploration Geophysics ITS SC or known as SEG ITS SC is an international geophysics and geophysical engineering student organization supporting 27.000 members from 128 counteries. SEG ITS SC was founded in 2006. Currently, SEG ITS SC membership is open for all majors in ITS and 27 officers. SEG ITS SC is supervised by Mr. Widya Utama, DEA. In 2015, SEG ITS SC achieved a Summit Level, which is the highest level in SEG Student Chapter category.