ITS International Geoscience Convention

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ITS International Geoscience Convention 2017 is one of several event in GEOSPHERE 2017 that have two main event, such as plenary session and techni- cal session. In plenary session, theproffesionals will give presentations and sit together to talk about the given topic. In Technical Session, there areoral presen- tation from the paper making participants who have been selected, and poster exhibition where the post- ers from applicants will be hanged while the maker will elaborate the content orally beside their poster. ITS International Geoscience Conven- tion 2017 is a joint event between Geophysi- cal Engineering Dept. ITS, Geomatics Engineer- ing Dept. ITS, Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Geofisika ITS & Society of Exploration Geophysicists ITS SC.

Department of Geomatics Engineering is one of many departments in Institut Teknolo- gi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya that deals with educa,on and reasearch in Geospatial Science. The Department was estalished in 1998 and first- ly named the Depart- ment of Geodetic Engineer- ing. In 1999, the first batch of undegraduate de- gree students were admiaed to the Department. In the 1960’s, the science and technology in surveying and mapping and geodesy grown dras- tically due to the development of data processing and mapping systems using au- tomatic or computer technology. This encouraged the emergence of dis- course geode,c into science and technology called “Geo-Informatics”. Thus, the current geodetic science is not just talking about the shape and size of the Earth but also in geospatial information technology. General target field of Geo-Informatics is the avail- ability of basic data and basic maps of various scale, supported by integrated infrastructure and facilities field of surveying and mapping as well as the man- agement and presentation of geospatial data using information technology. Consequently, in the 2006 the Depart- ment of Geodetic Engineering was re- named to Department of Geomatics Engineering. Currently, Department of Geomatics En- gineering has five laboratories i.e Geospatial, Geo- detic and Surveying, Geomarine, Geodynamic & En- vironment, and Cadastre and Land Policy. In 2009, the Department extended the education program by opening Posgraduate course in Geomatics. The Postgraduate program has four main course i.e. Geomatics, Geophysics, Geology and Geography<

Plenary Session

“Optimizing role of geoscientist – Efficiency to explore the energy”

Each speaker will discuss and talk about one topic according to their perspective roles.
• Mr. How Wei Chen (Professor, Institute of Geophysics National Central University, Taiwan)
• Mr. Archandra Tahar (Vice Minister of ESDM)*
• Mr. Andang Bachtiar (Dewan Energi Nasional)*
* On Confirmation

Technical Session

“Advancing Geoscience – Conquering The Future”

Sub Theme:
• Geothermal Exploration
• Hydrocarbon Exploration
• Mining Exploration
• Geotechnical
• Land and Sea Monitoring
• Earth Satellite

ITS International Geoscience Convention Paper Reviewer:

1. Dr. Widya Utama, DEA
2. Dr. Ir. Amien Widodo, M.S
3. Dr. Ayi Syaeful Bahri, S.Si, MT
4. Dr. Dwa Desa Warnana, S.Si, M.Si
5. Lalu Muhammad Jaelani, ST, M.Sc, Ph.D
6. Ira Mutiara Anjasmara, ST, M.phil, Ph.D
7. Danar Guruh Pratomo, ST, MT, Ph.D